Roy-Questioniare- A friends Talk

Kamlesh Roy
9 min readMay 24, 2021


Q 1— Telling about ME ! Me meets Me

A introvert guy for whom communication was a big thing and he was comfortable focusing on his inner thoughts and ideas and this was till his childhood till class 12th, he starting meeting with people when he was in college doing his BCOM and Applied arts from kalaniketan when he has to fulfill his passion of photography .

I believe everyone should have a love life in his lifetime and should be in love that is the purpose of life and sees the world in a different perspective.

For me creativity is presenting something in your unique
way which represents you.
Everyone has a unique capability what i believe which the individual himself has to identify, he can follow anyone but cannot copy as it is..

You need to keep your ears and eyes always open, you
dont know from where you get inspired from.

Achievement for me is when i look back at past and have a smile.

I believe that to be a good human, we need to have a love life. As to lead a better professional life, your personal life also needs to be balanced.

Emotional intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ) is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

Understanding my Role on my life and my character. I always see myself as I am in front of a camera as my motivation.
In fact I played the role of real Movie stories as reality on my life story- Daar, Bazigar, Padosan, ( Stories to be continued…)

From my childhood days I loved to watch movies and I used to run away to theaters alone also sometimes.

My role as a Human being to come to this world is to take the next generation away from this materialistic world. And how we train our brain to be happy.

My dad was a theatre actor and he tried pushed me to theater workshop.
Story to share

I thank to all my criticizers who were my mentors
I believe that I have a split personality within me which I believe everyone has which is introvert and extrovert behaviors just need to deep dive inside and take out the inner strength within and bring the creative insect within.

God helps those who help themselves. We believe God is there on earth what in the form of our parents and mentors ( Friends and Bosses )

Usually the insect comes out when there is a pain from inside or there is a problem which we identify and we feel this should not be faced by other people.

Everywhere the pain points which I fealt was the selling skills.

Questions which keeps me awake!!
What is my role i am playing? Why I exist in this world ?. My worry is that as a human, I am not carried away with this materialistic world.

Will I be able to share something to this world through my experience?

  • Why Me? The questions which makes me awake!!
    Vision: What future I want to create not only for myself but for this human Kind? Emotion Q mentor and coach. Would like to share my experiences to the next gen.
  • Why passion and purpose are essential to your goals.

Purpose determines priorities. Priorities determine courses of action. Purpose without action is fantasy.
Mission: Analyzing the Human needs in their day-to-day life problems mentoring new generation with holding their hand like a friend and guide them to take their appropriate decision not only from Mind but also from heart. I wish if I could make few designers to be with their parents which I could not to get my life.
Values: About the company and the process they deliver.

A Question always arise that do we need to sacrifice something to get something?

I deny which the Indian say “ Jitne chadar ho utnaa he… i believe we need to increase our chadar… If we never sit and see the experience of a luxury car we will never dream to buy one.

Q-2 — How I play my role? And from where I am inspired!!

My Inspirations which inspires me were movies with great stories. Usually we are in the characters for some period of time when we come out of a movie. But for me the duration was lifetime……(My neighbor uncles with build up characters watching discovery channels, wearing gum buts) and one uncle who was Hardcore Mithun fan as he was childhood friend of him used to show us all his Movies from where I generated my interest.

Few of stories to share:

  • Kolkata diamond harbor trip
  • Karwar to Goa trip
  • Missed Bus ( Karwar to Bangalore)
  • Trip to vaishnu devi ( Jammu )
  • Godfathers in my career
  • Stucked Car
  • Natural Calamities ( Earthquake, Rain)
  • Mumbai Local experience ( First class, Tiffin dabba exchange )

1- My Inspirational Shayari — Rah to mili hai chalte chalte ghumrah to woh hai jo ghar se hi na Nilke..

2-Kuch logo ke pas shouk hai. kuch ke pas paisa. Jinke pas dono hai woh farar hai. Inspired by king fisher

3- Ek anjaan sehar mein bahut dinoo se chalta chalta.. ek ainaa dekha to laga chaloo koi to pehchana sa mila..

Life is a Foggy road where until we move forward we are unable to see things. So Move on … Things will be clear.

Adapting the trend

He like to do carpooling as he meets with lot of different people talking to them and getting different perspective.

Currently is very fond of turkish drama and series like Money Heist, Mirzapur, panchayat etc.. ,as he and likes to explore all the new apps on the trend.
Which taught him creative also needs to speak apart from their work.
For him what you say and when you say is the talent what everyone should try to achieve an we need to practice it everyday.

My Crazy thoughts.

Each moment when i am alone some or other crazy thoughts come into my mind which usually i have a habit to note it down before it is erased. Some of them to share..

1- Customized Alexa where we can add the voice of our near ones like our parents

2- Some AI which can prompt what and how human things

. what they need to speak and when and what needs to be reminded to them.

Q-3- My education journey was a massive hit movie with red lines across:)

Q-4 — My Professional Career!!
Career Inspirations thought: If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing — move. You are not a tree

Designers vs Client Thoughts There is no right or wrong…You can like blue where the client might not!!

The only thing is the mindset which matches the understanding of client problem ( Clients are not Kids they run a…

I feel human biggest strength and weakness lies in their memory and brain. If not utilized on time

Different perspective to professional career.

We should value add to our and clients time putting strategy first design second and messaging on the same keeping the client budget in place

1- Persona who has a fear and sees the security first which is monthly perks and sometime compromise on his or hers work satisfactions.

2- Persona who takes risks and jumps to achieve the goals and take the challenges in day to day life but still motivated.

Bahut dino se chalta chalta acchanak ek aina dekha to laga chalo koi to pahchana sa mila

Challenges Means to Me?

I tried hard but did not work- I relate human behavior with 3 Methods- Permanent(Continuously doing the same work), Temporary (New trend), Situational (New Movie)- Analyzing the time you are in which we say Vastu to do some work.

-Few to share the Property failure which I could not make

  • How?- Inspirations
  • Weakness
  • what makes a Human unique- How our mind works at BAD time and GOOD times..and we behave on each scenario which makes us different from others.
  • Communication- Duniya mein do tarah ke kide how we try to communicate and how the other person understands

Big things will come into pieces, so make sure you have collected all those pieces.

Believe in yourself
How our mind works at BAD time and GOOD times..and we behave on each scenarios which makes us different from others.

My values to share to next generation

😍 Passion is everything.

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing — move. You are not a tree. Channel your energy into something you believe in. I’m fortunate to be inspired and surrounded by motivated people who enjoy what they do. We only have so much time on this earth to live — so why waste it?

🤓 Always be learning.

Humans are constant works in progress that need to receive feedback in order to grow. I am always looking at ways to challenge and improve myself, which is why in my spare time I like to participate in hackathons, read blogs, dabble in new projects and attend meetups.

🎨 Embrace your creativity.

Everyone needs a creative outlet of some sort — else, we’d go insane! When I’m not designing, I’m singing with the band, painting artworks as a form of meditation and helping startups realise their potential with design.

🙏 Stay humble.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the president, manager, homeless or average kid on the street. Treat others with respect as you would yourself because ultimately we’re all human sharing the same wants and needs and facing our own battles everyday. Stay true to yourself and stay true to others.

Design Practices I follow:

Design is much more than just playing with styles. A good design is based on research and clear strategy. The benefits sought in these new digital practices should help understand and facilitate human activity, as much as increase and improve it. Create a value of practical and substantial use with positive tools!

1. Know The Purpose Behind Establishing A Startup

What need does your startup address? Why people would care? Ask yourself these two questions and if you landed with an answer then you are halfway to success.

2. Follow Something That Inspires The Most

If you are pursuing something that does not inspire you then there are chances you might fail miserably. And if you are following something that you love, you’ll have much more motivation to keep ongoing.

3. Most importantly, Believe in Yourself

Doubting yourself might be the worst thing to ever do in life and while planning a startup. So, I request you to believe in yourself and you’ll find that self-confidence often follows.

4. Support is all you need

Establishing a startup is not a one-man job. It takes dedication, hard work, and most important of them all support. Don’t surround yourself with those who discourage you, instead listen to what your parents and friends are saying and work accordingly.

5. Serve Your Customer

Feeling ownership of your startup is alright because you worked hard for it, but remember you are here to serve your customers. Keep your customers in mind at all times while taking any decisions.

6. Lookout For Your Customer’s Need

Just assuming the customer’s need could cost you a fortune. In such a case, I recommend you to run multiple kinds of research quite extensively in order to cut down costs. You can search forums, ask questions on social media, or even spend some money on surveying opinions.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll succeed for sure. But what’s important of them all is your will to never give up.

My Motivations ? I know that I don't know!!

The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. It also performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics.

On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body and performs tasks that have to do with creativity and the arts.

I believe one thing does not work for everyone.

Knowing Myself and Being You is important!!

— What you see and not others..
— What you believe and not others..
— What you deserve and not others..
— What you say and not others…
— What is your comfort zone might be a risk for others..
— So be yourself as you are different from others

I know what does coming out of our Comfort Zone means?

Being a subject-matter experts who have never stopped learning… Keeping his eyes and ears open 247

What makes you a like-minded character?

  • 50% — Kindness, Empathy, EQ
  • 5% — Your Money
  • 15% — Your communication
  • 10% — Uniqueness
  • 20% = language