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This is my Story my journey..

Kamlesh Roy
5 min readJul 19, 2019

Origin from Kolkatta where i was born in a Bengali brahmin family.

My parents relocated from Kolkatta to MP ( Jabalpur) where i completed my Education — Applied Arts Diploma from Kalaniketan Art College after 12th and Advanced Diploma in Multimedia from Arena. I was also working as a part-time photographer in a studio.

Started my professional journey in the year 2004 in Mumbai working as a graphic designer.

Moved to Bangalore in the year 2006 working as a Design Lead

  • Adhering to the latest design and digital software with CMMI Process.
  • Monitoring design experience and testing to guarantee sales success.
  • Providing continual feedback to the team during the production process.
  • Ensuring that deadlines are being met and the work is within the client’s specification.

Did additional certification from Indegene on

  • Mid management
  • CMMI Process
  • Certification on Mobile Design from Human Factors.

Started my UX Practice from Quikr a Startup company and helped them to develop their 2 Products which was ( B2C)( B2B)

One of my best Project working with Quikr was their product (AHD) AthomeDiva (Beautician at Home Service)

This was an existing product which was acquired and had to debrand with new name with a new user experience. What we had to do was to sync our new brand with the User (female customer) on this existing product which was beautician at home service within the time frame and ROI.

Started evaluating the current design and the new branding (Aligning the User with the Brand) with my design/UX Principles
Initiated with 5 e principles of story telling the complete hero journey starts with entice, enter, engage, exit and extend how the user meets the needs, understanding their pain points, what they go through sketching the story from start to end, doing a research from the outer world on the trend, drafting a low fidelity sketch with design principles, designing the visual aesthetics with 3 principles ( fitts law, Mimicry and aesthic) high fidelity design and moving it to the tech to implement the functionality and Evaluating it with user feedback and UI improvements with usability testing and below of 5 steps mentioned below.

1- Understand:

Learning and understanding the users and their problem and making sure it is aligned with the brand (WHO & WHY) the female customer (House wife’s and working class) and their need with empathy mapping technique what they say, think, Do and feel.

SAY : I need this service at my convenient time within my budget and it the product should be genuine used by service providers with verified professionals.
THINK: Can i get good offers sitting at Home and save my time and is it actually secured and Are they using genuine products?
DO : Browsing, hunting and comparing the product

– Goal/ Objective: User female customer to get this service at their convenience and cost effective with appropriate guidance and security which involves our company’s services and build their trust.

- Pain Points:Users (Customers) don’t have time for visiting Beauty Parkour, need to plan extra time to get the service with extra cost involved also trust factor and security plays a bigger role for them

- Motivation: Why this Service and the benefits? which will save travel time and cost at the doorstep with verified service provider and best pricing with educational awareness from expert service providers.

What we did:

- Meeting and understanding the users and the stakeholders( female users and business owners, product manager

- Interviews and understanding the of browsers, hunters and buyers users.

- Created Journey Maps based on Interviews adhering to empathy mapping technique.

-Created task flow which will help the user to reach their objective with minimal time with the help of card sorting.


Explored the outer world on similar features with competitor analysis study, UX/UI Trend and guideline creation and extracted bunch of ideas and material. How will the pieces fits together?

What we did:

Understanding the ratio of browsers, hunters and buyers users in the service from competitor research to categorised the UI

The user flow needs to improved specific to transactions and prioritizing the services as per the states and the usage of devices with the current design trend based on the study.

- Created the style guide for the UI with the current trend.

3- Sketch:

Creation, paper sketches and Low-Fi wire frame and sharing ideas with stakeholders and implementing.

What we did:

- Created few Paper Prototypes, based on the stakeholders approvals with low-Fi wire frames

- Brainstorming with Stakeholders and receiving their feedback and implementing those on the wire frame.

4- Design:

High-Fi Mocks based on the Low-fi (Using, High Fi — Sketch tool) based on the new branding style guide

What we did: We took stakeholders (Users and Business manager) feedback on technical and business perspective

- Created High-Fi Mock-ups using Sketch tool which was then approved by ( PM, VP, CEO, ) with few tweaking’s

5- Implement:

Building functionality on the approved High-Fi Mock up.

What we did:

- Shared the approved mock MSite/ Desktop design to tech team in Zeplin tool( used for style guides specification).

6- Evaluate :

A/B Testing, Google Analytics, Use cases studies, Usability Testing (Daily basis)

What we did: Tracking the Google Analytics / User feedback on daily basis and implement the tweaking if required on the user flows. We did some Heat map testing with users.

-Identified UI Improvements.( 2 Designs were Implemented for A/B Testing)
- Uploaded to Live Link in few states for testing purpose.


-Understanding the pain points of the Service Providers we had clubbed few services and made packages to make sure the cost and the service matches.

  • We did Progressive app to fix the Internet bandwidth issue
  • We did a photo-shoot to keep the visual in consistent with the brand.
  • Improved conversion ratio
  • Improved on ratings on service providers

Later got an opportunity to work with Wipro as a UX consultant on their Internal Project called Quantum to improve their Internal Process, It’s not just the process, It’s the whole organisation & interdependencies between the organization's pillars

Had to interact with the Stakeholders — Delivery head, Project managers, Core Project team

Problem Statement: Outdated process which was not supporting the existing business model.

The Process: How we delivered

Redesign internal process ( From Selling, Delivery to Billing ) with more human-centric approach starting with gathering requirement document with the objective to keep the business goal and user benefits aligned with understanding their demographic.


  • Focusing on the core user benefits and profits by addressing their pain points with appropriate branding.
    -Team capabilities need to be identified for quick results with high-quality delivery.
    -Identifying repeatability business vs new customers.
  • Research — Interviews, current process mapping, Tool Audit
  • Consolidation- Pain points, trends, observation


  • Understanding user pain point, how they can make money or get benefit out of it. creating a hero journey start to end from 5e method.
    - Researching the competitors and creating a mood board.
    -Sketching paper prototypes with fitts law method.
    -Creating High fidelity design mockup with keeping mimicry and aesthetic in mind.
    -Implementing the functionality by sharing a zeplin style guide to the tech team.
    - Evaluate the prototype by usability testing through A/B testing

Current working with a startup as a brand strategist called refixd technologies to build their brand and help them in business development as a consultant.