Kamlesh Roy
1 min readMar 18, 2022


This article is all our about sharing my thought on relationship which is a vast topic where everyone has their own perspective and we should respect with all.

Few of my Questions?

1- Why we lack in sharing our thoughts or perspective without any fear? to our near and dear ones including our Boss…

2- Who drives our Life good and bad decisions and how it relates to our relation? — the society or we ourself…

My Views:

I believe every individual is unique and comes with a unique capability which should not be changed but needs to be identified how to groom his or her strong points. weakness can be taken care by some automation tools. just joking,,

Every Motivational gurus comes with their own year of experiences where else we need to have the ability to filter it which plugin is actually required for our personal and professional growth as we cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.

The only thing which should ne common to all is the softskills rest can be unique to each individuals or we it will be difficult to identify.

Let’s know each other better and come without assumption's and free mind like a child that will help us to grow our relationship.

Looking forward to your thoughts…you don't need to agree to what i said..