This clip from my Alltime Fav movie Cast Away which teaches us that we can get motivated by anything to achieve our goals.

Humans need motivation because each and every person will be going through something or the other in their lives and will have to manage different aspects of life. Motivation plays a very key role in one’s life. … Always keep yourself motivated. Self-motivation is very important.

You will get result for sure if your effort is in the right direction.

  • A prevention focus is when we avoid doing something to prevent a loss. For example, we have to create a presentation for work but are afraid it won’t be engaging. Worried about embarrassing ourself in front of colleagues, you postpone getting started on the presentation.

Learn. Reflect. Implement. Share

Tried answering to none other than myself?

Don’t be late to analyze our own strength. Knowing our own persona is important than others!!

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Few products i had loved to work from scratch

AHD ( AtHomeDiva )

A B2C product for female customer for beautician service at their doorsteps — ( Corporate, Homemakers)
- My Role: ( UI/UX )- Photoshoot/Branding
Pain- Points: No time to go to parlor. Finding best offers
Solution: Offers with best packaging and doorstep service

- Case-study:

Quikr Services-

  • ( A B2C product for day to day home services )
    My Role: (UX/UI )

Pain points- Finding Experts within the budget
Solution -

ERP — WiproOne

  • — A Enterprise portal ( Responsive ) for Internal company, Improving internal process starting from…


We talk with people who know us from a long time, so we are not fake.

We don’t say about ourselves, But others say about us…

Here is my teacher, my dad. My wife and my kid.

Here are a Few Questions they ask me from my 3 stages of my life.

( My Dad — about my childhood)

Q1- How was his childhood ?(Introvert or Extrovert)-


( My Wife- about my — Love life )

One Best Friend —


( My Daughter — about my mid-age )

Q 1— Telling about ME ! Me meets Me

A introvert guy for whom communication was a big thing and he was comfortable focusing on his inner thoughts and ideas and this was till his childhood till class 12th, he starting meeting with people when he was in college doing his BCOM and Applied arts from kalaniketan when he has to fulfill his passion of photography .

I believe everyone should have a love life in his lifetime and should be in love that is the purpose of life and sees the world in a different perspective.

For me creativity is presenting something in your unique
way which represents…

  • Tell me about your journey?

Tell your Requirement

  • Why does our brand exist?
  • Which Domain or Vertical we are focusing?
  • What future the brands want to create?
  • Have we analyzed that future?
  • How we create value to user?
  • Brief about the process of the company product deliver?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • Any specific Age group?
  • Devices to be used?
  • Goals / Frustrations / Motivations
  • SEO, SEM, social media, content marketing, paid acquisition campaigns, PR, email marketing
  • Analyze your target users, set a goal for the campaign, and add viral elements.


  • Relevance. Tell a story. What is happening now?
  • Cause. Contribute…

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience
  • 4 years of experience in managing digital marketing campaigns with online measurement and operations driving clear customer impact
  • Experience with pitching digital solutions to clients or direct sales experience

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with technical aspects of digital and programmatic advertising and experience working with product teams on scalable business solutions
  • Expertise across automation, audience, targeting, attribution and assets.
  • Expertise in overall search ecosystem with focus on accelerating customer success, business growth and driving product adoption
  • Proven experience creating and sharing “best practice” solutions to inculcate a culture of learning and having impact at scale
  • Excellent analytical skills with the ability to process large data sets and identify patterns of significance

Few Trending Fonts:

Awareness of trending pairing fonts

serif ( With End Strokes- Times new roman): Rockwell, Sabon, Jura, Brela, Cormorant, Crimson text
sanserif ( Without Strokes- Arial): DIN 1451, Proxima Nova, Montserrat, Nunito, Ui Sans, Open sans, Segoe UI, Moon, Coves, Big john, Slim John, Baron, Aqua Grotesque, Dense

To pair the fonts We need to take care of the Type faces, Contrast with Serf and Sanserif,


Bebas neu bold with montserrat.
Open sans extra bold / Cooper hewitt
Raleway/ Roboto
Sefon/bebus neue
Anton/Opensans light

  • For Kiosk displays, any sans serif font(IBM Plex Sans, Roboto, Open Sans…


Goals & Sprint Questions

- 2 Year Goal

Map and Flow of the Product- User Flow

Q1- Who is the user

Q2- what is their Goal's

Q3- What are the steps to complete their goals

Lightening Demos

- Case studies on different products why we liked it

Phone pay — Simple and minimal clicks

  • Creation of storyboard ( low fidelity's
    - High fidelity's

Realtime board( Basecamp )

What are design best practices?

-Words, Declutterness, clarity
-Testing, Being humble, Delight users.
-Words: People don’t read
-Write with your heart and edit with your brain
-Consistency is the key
-Sorting the content on priority

Kamlesh Roy

Design Thinking professional

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